Thursday, November 22, 2012

On Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.
To be honest, this is my least favorite holiday.
I am a vegan, you know. The whole giant bird on a table just doesn't sit well with me.
But.. the actual meaning behind today.. the giving thanks.. I am so down with that.
So, like many others have today, here's a little list of some of what I'm grateful for.

I am grateful for.. 
my Henry Elliot Pup, curious minds, creativity, music,
being able to hear and see and speak and smell and dance and stretch and sing,
elephants, making art, figuring out challenges, asparagus, feet to stand on, manicures,
food to eat, my bed, the books I fall asleep with in my bed, my family, my girlfriend soulmates,
this here little blog and the people that read it, the humans that defend and care for animals,
laughing from that place right within your gut, abcfamily shows, big dreams,
tomatoes, gut instinct, letterpress, fresh flowers, interior design, tedtalks,
making out, giving, avocados, the silent way truths are spoken, meditation,
the people that are sent to us for reasons beyond our understanding, chocolate, peonies,
pianos, sand in your toes and your car and your clothes, knowing, not knowing,
airports, tea, mentors, seekers, dogs, lavender, live theatre, joy racing through you,
poetry, hummus, blank paper and purple pens to fill them up with, maps,
your mind and your heart and your mouth and your face, scrabble, patience, and myself.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? xo

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