Monday, November 19, 2012

On FaceTime with HenryPup

 "who is that there calling my name? i don't see anyone.. hold on i'll come investigate"
 "grammy. GRAMMY. eyes on me. what is this trickery?"    "hello? momma? is that you?"

..and that was when our facetime ended. but seriousy, is he not the cutest? the cutest indeed.
he really did paw at the phone. i sort of feel bad when we do facetime because he gets a little confused
seeing as he can hear me but he can't see me. often times he'll leap off the bed and run to the door i normally come through when i arrive home. sort of breaks my heart. but seeing him makes my heart burst with joy.. as you may be able to tell by my, ahem, joyful facial expressions (see #1 & #5. and #2, 3, 4..). does anyone else do this with their pets? i was sure it was only me but today a girlfriend of mine was talking about how she skypes with her cat, and, well, i felt much better about myself :)

in related news, my mom sends me hysterical texts all the time, but this is a recent fave:
Hen Bear has slowly grown very fond of my mom so he lets her pick him up, take him places, cuddle with him, etc.. and every new achievement is always noted so his proud momma can hear of it.
and to this end, my mother now calls herself "The Henry Whisperer".
So, you may see where I get some of this, um, personality.
Happy Tuesday, friends! video chat with one of your loved ones! :)

p.s. he needs a furcut something wicked. please don't judge my mothering skills!

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