Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Pink & Red Nails

The other day I got all fancy with my nails. And quite Valentines-Day-ish.. which seems appropriate for November, no? Yes. Anyway, I wanted to try using tape to create a design and went with a super simple first attempt. I took some of my japances washi tape (does anyone else think it looks like a crown on my middle finger in the first picture? just me? okay then) and sectioned off the top of my nails. Next, I painted the bottom part of my nail red, let it air dry a few minutes, and peeled the tape off. I painted the top section pink and then stared at them for the next 15 minutes waiting for them to dry.
Pro tip: when you want your nails to dry faster, definitely stare at them. Totally helps.

The only trouble I had was that I couldn't use my un-painted nails to clean up around the edges of the nails I was currently painting, as there was tape on all of the nails. So while I loved the design, these were the messiest nails I've had in awhile. Any tips on that problem?

What about you? Do you do your own nails or get them done? Have you done any fancypants designs? Do tell, do tell! xo


  1. OK yes your nail totally looked like a crown. And, I used to paint my own nails then they would chip after like 3 I got into gel nails a few months ago and haven't looked back. I figure the $25 price tag once per month (I make myself wait a full month even though they grow out a little) is worth it to avoid having childish, chipped nails. I have to at least look the part of a grown-up if I'm pretending to be one :) I love love love the quality of gel nails. I totally look forward to "nail day" once a month when I get to pick a new color. Such a treat.

    1. interestingggg. i have a lot of girlfriends that do this and love it. if not for the guitar in my life, i might join you all! thanks for supporting the crown!! glad it wasn't just me

  2. If only I do not work in the kitchen, I would paint my nails different colors everyday! -E

  3. oooh evan kristine, i know that pain! it is the worst when you can't do your nails or hair due to work! someday you will be able to :)