Monday, October 15, 2012

On Lightbulb Moments

Here is a most interesting little truth that I stumbled onto this morning:

If YOU tell me I can't do something, that it is impossible, that it will never happen, that I'm being 'unrealistic' ... I will absofuckinglutely do it. I will accomplish it, I will prove you wrong. 
And I will be enraged that you would ever have the nerve to doubt me.
It's that "I'll show them" mentality. Motivating yet dangerous.

It I tell me I can't do something, that it is impossible, that it will never happen, that I'm being 'unrealistic' ... I will believe it. I will slow down. I will give up, I will prove myself right. 
And I will be mopey, wondering why I can't get what I want.
It's that "being afraid of getting what you want" mentality. Just plain ol' dangerous.

Here's an even more interesting little truth: 
I am the only person in my life who says that 'I can't'. The only person.
Sure, there are people who say things like 'realistically' and 'that's being a grown up' but that just makes me giggle a bunch and see the limitations they have put on themselves.
But otherwise, there ain't no one in kerry-land who tells me I can't do/be certain things.
So, I guess it's either time to find a bunch of people to tell me I can't do what I want,
or.. perhaps it's time to just start telling myself I can.

What about you? How do you hold yourself back?
Are you motivated by what other people think about you?
Do you tune it all out? Let me know below.


  1. I have always been intrinsically motivated. I actually sometimes hate being told what to do so much that I will do the opposite just out of spite. haha. Hopefully I've grown out of that latter part a little, but I still hang on strong to my need to do my own thing regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

  2. AHH, so inspiring. I am beaming with motivation to do the impossible. my dreams need a little planning (and funds...) but i am going to do it, i just know. i need to see the world and travel and be a wandering gypsy. i've got to do it and i know somehow, someday i will :)
    love your blog, and this post.
    now following you!

    1. so glad you found me :) loving yours, too. the dreaming and believing will create the doing, trust in it.

  3. This is interesting to think about. I actually think that I listen to other people too much- I guess depending on who they are. If it's a family member that's close to me, I will probably listen to them (or remember what they said in the back of my mind) which is probably not a good thing. If it's like a friend- I will probably try to prove them wrong. This is a really cool post! You have a great blog! :) Glad I came across it!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad to hear you like my blog and love that you shared your thoughts! The family/friend thing is really intriguing, I'm going to try to pay attention and see if I do that, too.. can't wait to go check out your blog! xo