Thursday, October 11, 2012

On Another Letter From Henry

Hi internets, Henry here again. 
First, and most importantly, do you like my sweatshirt?
It's got a pocket! And my mom wears her green hoodie to match me.
We are very cool like that.
Mom said I can do another guest post because she is currently busy trying to move.
And, well, it is not going very well. Not going well at all.
See, there's a bit of a catch 22 happening. (As for me, I just prefer regular catch.)
A bit of a which-comes-first-chicken-or-the-egg thing. (WHO SAID CHICKEN?!)
And that sure can be hard to figure out. She said she'll fill you all in later on, once it's settled.
In the meantime, I'm waiting patiently for her, here at home.
My day is pretty packed: I've got two naps scheduled, I need to push all the blankets into big nests,
I've got a solid dish of kibble coming my way, some treats to hide, and some dirty laundry to play in.
It's just.. it is SO hard to be me some days. I mean, so much responsibility.
Anyway, I better get going. There is a squeak toy waiting with my name on it.
Have a nice day, internet people. Take time to snuggle :)
Love, Henry Elliot Raleigh Alexander, the first.


  1. oh Henry, i love your green shirt.

    1. he says thank you!!! well, actually, he said 'woof woof' but i can translate :) :)

  2. henry, i will follow your advice concerning the snuggling, you are so right on that one.
    i am very sorry your mommy is so busy these days and leaves you at home with all of those responsibilities, must be quite challenging. hate to add even more to that, but dont forget to nag on some shoes also, that is def on the dog-agenda.
    thanks for the update, man.

    1. he says thank you for your note! and to tell you that he absolutely found some shoes to get into, and even more, a great big pile of dirty laundry to roll around in. he is quite the talented little bear :)