Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On One of Those Days

Today was one of those days.

I slept past my alarm (way past).
Caught my foot in the door in that special way that pinches your skin (ow)
& walked into my dresser & the doorframe & the couch.
The pup I watch seemed out of it and as I carried him back home from our walk,
I felt his stomach lurch and got him on the ground just in time for him to throw up.
Once, twice, three times. And then he walked through it..
before laying down in the middle of a very busy NYC sidewalk.
When a pup is sick there is only one thing to do: pick him up, vomit & all.
Actually, two things to do! Make him plain rice..
but I somehow made the water overflow out the sides of the pot.
It rained. And rained and rained and rained.
Big shocks of lightening filled the sky & thunder crashed so loudly
that maybe one of us was getting a little nervous (pup was asleep, guess it was me).
My umbrella also decided it was having one of those days and called it quits.
But that was okay because my plans got rescheduled anyway so umbrella got to rest.

At this point I decided, the title of that little book was actually supposed to be:
(Kerry) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Maybe they just forgot the Kerry part when they printed them.

Then my mom called. She was in town! (Hurrah!)
As I made my way to meet her, every tourist and their umbrella was trying to stop me.
I don't think so, tourists. Out of my way (please).
I tell you what though, sometimes there is nothing better than a mom hug.
Except, well, by the time I got there, she already kind of had to go.
And I did get a mom kiss but not a mom hug. One is better than none.

But you know what?
It was still a pretty good day.
All of those things happening did not affect my mood.
I did not go rushing to the person I wanted to go rushing to.
(Even if that person maybe has a magical bed that is most excellent for hiding in
& magical arms for making everything all better.)
I had delicious snacks and watched Parenthood and wore my tiara
and walked around in the rain a little (rain is excellent for thinking).
The nicest doorman in the world took my heavy bag out of my arms and carried it.
My mom is super cool and super nice and let me come interrupt her plans.
And my guitar sidled it's way up to me and asked if we could play.
I could not turn down such an offer. No, I could not.
And I worked out the chords for a song that has been chordless for 15 months.

Yes, quite a good day, indeed. I'm glad we had this chat, internets.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a snuggle date with my pillows.


  1. Oh look at you: silver-lining on us! Glad there was a happy ending to your Wednesday. I am pretty sure Alexander ended up getting one too.

    1. It's true: perpetual silver-liner over here :) Thanks for the love! x