Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Cruelty Free Products

recently, i spent a good long time in target scouring products
to find which were cruelty free (aka not tested on animals).
neutrogena naturals night cream replaced the one i currently use (byebye Cerave)
& st. ives exfoliating pads and body lotion (not pictured) were also winners.
when you're shopping for products
like make-up, household cleaners, dishwashing soap, bath products, etc
please take a few minutes to check the label!
look for a symbol like the one above or the common bunny ears & heart combo.
though in many cases, there is no symbol and you need to read the packaging.
also: take note that it is not the same for EVERY product from each company.
for example: regular neutrogena stuff? tested on animals. bummer.

i've been told that all of the items in Sephora are cruelty free
but i don't actually think that's true based on my own research..
however they do have an amazing selection of vegan & cruelty free products.

for a comprehensive list, check out Leaping Bunny
you can also always reference PETA
and, yes, there are many apps made for buying cruelty free.

be nice to bunnies!
(& all the other animals being tested on)
shop cruelty free.

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