Thursday, August 16, 2012

On (more) Little Letters

Dear Sunshine, welcome back, never leave me, let's be bff for life.

Dear Noah, thank goodness you feel better today, I need those walks as much as you do.

Dear Twins, every time I see you, you get bigger, excellent job, keep it up, i am proud of you.

Dear K, next time I see you will be at your wedding! at your wedding! where you will get married!

Dear You, two phone calls & you call it quits? that's all you got? interesting.

Dear B, you crack me up nonstop. lucky i am to have you.

Dear Theatre Audition, yeah that's right, i went to you, i knew my sides, i came i saw i conquered, what now?

Dear Miami, you let me down with the vote on #500. you let me down big time. pitbulls are our friends, embrace the love.

Dear Guitar, hello lover.

Dear Erika Christensen, you gave me one hell of an acting lesson as i re-watched season two of Parenthood, and you gave me one hell of a smile with that tweet.

Dear Marlon Brando, welcome to the family! You are a super cute kitty. I'm your Aunt, Henry's your cousin, and we can have playdates.

Dear Taylor Swift, did you.. did you run out of lyrics? i mean, i have some you can borrow..

Dear The Letter i, sometimes I capitalize you, sometimes i don't. i (I) am mysterious like that.

Dear Gentlemen, when you know to walk on the outside/closer to the street, my heart swoons. There's just something so classy about this old-school style.

Dear Henry, seeing these rescued puppy mill dogs reminds me how lucky i am to have you, how lucky you made it out and how lucky these pups are to be free. love you best.

Dear Reader, have i told you how good you look today? you charming devil, you.


  1. Okay, "gentlemen on the outside" gallantry always gets me too. Is there anything sweeter than that?

  2. So happy to hear I'm not the only one! Such a small gesture and yet.. swoon. In related cute news: that cat of yours. Precious baby!