Thursday, August 23, 2012

On A (Numerical) Day In The Life

A Day In The Life (By Numbers):

was a solid TEN,
I took the train NINE times,
shared group meditation with EIGHT beautiful souls,
spent SEVEN dollars on lunch,
did the voice of a SEVEN year old raccoon (swear)
worked for SIX hours,
called my mom FIVE times,
ran into FIVE fabulous friends,
was in FOUR different neighborhoods,
and had FOUR outfit changes,
had THREE celebrity sightings (hello, Chuck Bass),
and more importantly, THREE kick-ass auditions,
where I sang for TWO of them,
and curled my hair TWO times,
walked ONE adorable Noah Dog,
and am ONE really happy, completely exhausted girl.


  1. i agree with the above comment, this is very clever! i also want to say thank you for your comment on my blog -- i like so much of what you had to say, and i'm so glad you felt comfortable commenting! i'm also never the type to join in those discussions, which is why i tried to make mine different with my rules, haha. i am also in favor of someday having a female president -- i don't think it matters to me what gender someone is. if i like what they have to say, then i'll vote for them!

    1. thank you! and also, thank you :) that is an excellent way to vote, perhaps the best :) x