Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Bring It On

This is my family
they're kind of silly
 and cause me to make this face often
we went to see Bring It On the musical

 my mom was super excited
 the crowd waiting at the stage door was rather, well, crowded
 the cast that did a pretty super excellent spirit-stick award job
if you're in or around NYC, go check out Bring It On
i was very lucky to see it about a year ago in LA
and it's pretty neat to get to see how much the show has grown since.
i'm still confused how i'm not in it BUT i know if i'm supposed to, i will be.
(cause that's how stuff goes, you know?)

AND this was a super magick night because i ran into the director/choreographer.
who is king of all things brilliant (hi Andy, hire me)
and i also ran into one of the songwriters, who happens to be one of my idols,
who happened to know who i was before i introduced myself.
which left my mouth hanging open in shock. very lady like, if i do say so myself.
so maybe i am not in his show (yet) but he knows who i am..
and i got to audition for it and got to go to callbacks for it..
and that, my friends, is a big success in my books.

maybe i am not there yet, but i am surely on my way.
(that's how stuff goes, you know?)


  1. wait wait wait...bring it on, like...the cheerleader movie...on stage?? verrrry intriguing.

  2. oh yes. YES! like the movie - except, well, different in so many ways. it is (and i mean this honestly) one of the best musicals i've seen in awhile. silly, of course, but excellent storyline, amazing music, talented kids, and my fav creative team all around. see it! (if you're ever in nyc. it just toured the country but will prob go back out)

    1. I went to NYC for the first time in May! I saw Newsies. Actually, I purposely planned my trip around when I knew it was showing. haha