Monday, July 9, 2012

On the Renegade Craft Fair

One of my favorite summertime traditions is going to the 
Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn.
And by 'favorite', I mean I get super excited. Like, full on nerding out happens.
Just picture it.. endless rows of Etsy shops right there in front of you.
No longer is there a barrier of the internets between you and the incredible handmade goodness but instead, you can see it all before your very eyes. See? Nerding out.
This year the Brooklyn location moved from McCarren Park to Williamsburg.
That's right: Etsy AND dreamy hipster boys all in the same place. Heaven? Yep.
the kick-ass marketing of Queens Metal
 here's what i came home with:
a beautiful cross-stitch pillow from chez sucre chez
as a firm believer in Love and in wearing a tiara, this pillow and i were fate.
i am pretty much obsessed with her shop and have been drooling over the song lyric cross-stitches for a long time now. she ever has make-your-own versions and will do custom orders. think: wedding gifts, baby gifts, bff gifts, random tuesday gifts.. she's got it covered.
and my new favorite bag from buluchu
every where i go people keep asking me where i got this bag!
seems to be a big hit across the board and.. it is totally vegan!

(in case you're interested, take note that the key was an addition i added 
after spying it at the same shop. leave it to me to customize a homemade bag.)

one of the best things about Etsy, and craft fairs in general, is seeing all of the ways people have created to support themselves. running individual businesses, sometimes in addition to their day jobs, for the sake of their passion and to bring in a little extra cash. pretty inspiring.
i'll think of you fondly until next year, renegade craft fair ;)

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