Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On my writing space

Hello new writing space.

After a massive cleaning up/throwing out/organizing session,
I came to the shocking realization that I actually have a desk!
It had been buried under piles of papers for, well, over a year.. oops?

I did this mainly because I need clean spaces to think straight. Plus, I set up a new organizational system (read: manilla envelope and a ribbon board) for receipts, mail, and other important papers. As I had previously, ahem, misplaced several of them.

I'm always curious as to where writers write.
Even more, where people who work from home, work.
I tend to be most productive (answering emails, doing online tasks, etc) in a coffee shop but I am the most creative and write best from my apartment.. with LOTS of breaks outside for fresh air and new perspective. Also do my best work while traveling. Hotels just do it for me, man :)

Where do you work best from?

p.s. YES, those are my headshots. I promise you I really am an actor.
And those pieces of paper? Lyrics to some of the songs I've written.

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