Wednesday, August 14, 2013


On a Saturday in Brooklyn, Evan & I took off to the Brooklyn Flea, wandered the streets of Greene Point, and found ourselves a little dream garden to dine in. There is maybe no other NYC activity I love more than perusing the Brooklyn Flea. Piles and piles of antiques, vintage, records, art, handmade, and furniture, plus tons of food options, and dogs are welcome to join you. Like a dream, I tell ya.

I have an endless crush on Brooklyn. Every new part that I explore is the new part that I muuust move to. (This is how I am with many states and cities, too, that pesky wanderlust). The brownstones and homes really create this section of Brooklyn, there's just so much character and inviting presence.

Evan and I went to school together, and, well, I guess you should know, he is seriously incredible. First, the man can sing. He can saaaaang. Plus, he has the most beautiful spirit. His energy dances around you the whole time you're together, and he is joyously authentic. We haven't gotten to see each other too much over the past several years (hello, actors), but whenever I see him, it's just the best feeling. Aren't those kind of friends the very best?

Where have you been adventuring lately? Do tell, do tell.


  1. That flea market look ahhhhmazing!!

  2. such brilliant captures! looks like the best time!

  3. I love the way you describe your friend (I also am obsessed with people who can sing). Looks like you guys had a great time, I love old books like the ones you pictured. I would have bought those up :)

  4. oh i so want to go to new york! we've been adventuring here in vancouver, which has been great.

    p.s. love the name layla. and i'm with you - i even like the boys' name jude because it has a great song too ;)

  5. That flea market looks fabulous! My husband and I are going to NYC next May and I'm so looking forward to it!