Thursday, August 22, 2013


This all started the other day. I was bounding out of my apartment, when I saw a girl across the street, mid-walk with her dogs. She had her face pressed into the furry face of her larger pup, and was talking softly to him, soothing him. And I thought: girl, you are my people.

So, without further adieu:

Girl on the street, with your dog standing on his hind legs, front paws wrapped around your waist, as you lean down to meet him face-to-face: you are my people.

Man bopping down the street, keeping beat with his steps and singing along nearly at full voice: you are my people.

Elderly couple who caught me mid-stretch, waiting for the elevator, and said "you better use it while you got it": you are my people.

Friend that referenced getting her tiara on as a way to celebrate a personal victory: you are my people.

Other friend who texted me a quote about keeping your head tall so your crown won't slip: you are my people.

My clients who tell me extravagant dreams with a look in their eyes that I won't be able to give words to: you are my people.

Older gentleman, carrying your dog on your waist, as though he was a toddler, one leg on each side of you, upper paws around your neck: you know you're my people.

Crazy facebook strangers who add me so we can share even more dogs in need, even though we've never met, have very little in common, and are far apart in distance and age: you are my people.

Girl explaining to her visiting relatives that the bags they have just offered to carry aren't very heavy at all, not in comparison to what she carries around during the week: you are my people.

Those who dive right in, and have no need for small talk when there is passion to discuss: you are my people.

Boy who took me on a date at 8:45 in the morning because that's the only free time we both have, face lit up with excitement for each piece, listening intently to me: you are so my people.

Girl that yells out each order as it is set on the counter, cause she does not have time for the loud customers everywhere: you are my people.

Room full of peers who were throwing their hands in the air, responding aloud to certain phrases, and yelling out in pure joy as the singers poured their souls out: you better believe you're my people.

Girl sitting to my left, just a few feet down, a book in your arms, legs crossed indian style, a total look of contentment on your face: you are my people.

Henry Elliot & Layla June: you are mommy's little furry people, yes you are, mommy loves you (you knew I'd sneak them in, right?).

Mr. President, calling out BSL for the bullshit that it is, and being super freaking cool always: you are my people!

Friend who took my hand, pulsating love from your being into mine, as you wrapped up a conversation with someone else: you are my people.

Girls on speaker phone, taking turns telling tales, interrupting each other, calling each other out, laughing: you've been my people since before we were really people.

Who are your people? xo

p.s. do you know what the title is from? I'll give you a hint: Lin-Manuel Miranda: you are my people!


  1. Love this: "Those who dive right in, and have no need for small talk when there is passion to discuss: you are my people." ...I have a job interview tomorrow at a company that intrigues me. The guy who emailed me to come in and chat was warm and friendly in his email (a nice change from most robotic HR messages I receive) and when I looked him up on LinkedIn I discovered he has a beard, hipster glasses and tattooed arms. I can already tell he is my people.

  2. I may need to do a post like this because I just love it so.