Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Internet. Blog. Blog friends. Actual friends.

It has been a minute, no? I haven't posted on this here little blog in what feels like forever, which is serious proof that my life is in crazy mode. So obvs we need a catch up, right? Right. Here's what I've been up to in the past two weeks. First, some photos:

My sweet babies.
Layla is either causing trouble or being unbelievably sweet and cuddly. Nothing in between.
I met Heather! Love this girl. Check out her blog here.
Broadway Barks! The little Chi above, Dotty, is avail through Bidawee. Another pup fancied her to be his tail rest.
Best pizza I've ever had in NYC so far. The company sure didn't hurt either ;)
My little cousin moved to NYC! Now we can have impromptu lunch dates!

This is my favorite place ever.

 So now that you've been caught up in photos, here's what else I've been up to:

Auditions. Just streams of them. Commercials, voiceovers, musicals, magazines.. meetings and setting up meetings and helping others set up meetings. At my agency, at studios, in recording booths. Uptown, downtown, midtown. Even via my iphone recording app and good ol' fashioned email. I feel lucky and grateful and excited and terrified.

Coaching. That's right, I'm officially coaching. After getting trained as a life coach a couple of years ago, and then laughing about that, plus years of intense work on this here life/human, plus x amount of years in the industry plus an obsession with the business side of the business and the realization that all I do is coach every one anyway, especially with biz stuff, and a few brave moves later... annnnd coaching. Life and business coaching for actors/artists and people who want to be actors/artists. I'm kind of obsessed. There will be more on this later. (Also, want to coach with me? Great, send me an email. Not an actor but want to coach anyway? Cool, I got you, email me.)

Life. More like driving back and forth between NJ and NYC. A lot. Summer means a lot of time in NJ and I thought this summer would be like summers past where I have nothing going on in acting land or social life land and could kick it on my couch with my babies and my family and friends and go to the beach. Incorrect! Ha! said the Universe. Ha! said God. You think you run the show? Nah, hop in your car, we've got plans for you. And all I can do is surrender to it and be excited.

Doggies. Mine (eeeeee I love them so much they are my babies hkjsnfkansfal). Other people's whom I watch. Shelter pups who I am working to save on the daily. Like every night until 2 or 3 am with the Urgent group. If you are looking to help save some dogs, please join Urgent (or a group like that near you) and post the dogs on your page. They have about 12 hours between being listed and being killed. The more who post them, the more get saved. More on this soon, too.

Lessons. As in, the ones that are repeatedly given to me to learn and learn and learn until I get it straight and then more lessons. Cause this is how we grow.

Work. I counted yesterday and I now have 6 jobs. 6! What am I, nuts? All freelance, and all remotely, and all things that I seriously love. Which is good because, seriously, 6?

And that is that! You are caught up, internet style. Happy Tuesday, beautiful people.


  1. Well you have been a busy bee!! But hey, I'm glad to see you're out there living life!!

  2. I love that despite 6 jobs and busy-ness, you're helping out with shelter dogs- that is awesome!