Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On Saturday, I met up with Twin. We popped into Doughnut Plant for their deliciousness, then headed to Union Square for a great big adoption event.. and realized we were a day early. But there were still kittens to visit and squeal over. Twin loves kittens the way I love dogs.

We wandered around Chelsea and stumbled onto a street fair full of handmade goodies, baby clothing, and snacks. We drank water by the gallon, as it was the hottest of hots in our little city.

Later, I met up with a pal whom I've not seen in two years, and his incredibly handsome furchild. Murphy is the most well behaved dog I've ever met, and that's saying a lot. The friend, a former fling, regaled me with his wisdom, advice, and adventures. This little visit is about to get it's own post so hold tight.

Then I snaked my way across the park, and had a lovely epiphany on the walk home, before settling into a seat outside of Lincoln Center with a good book and an iced tea. It was the very most New Yorkish day.

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  1. What a lovely day :) That donut looks absolutely amazing. And these photos are so great! I miss New York.

    xox Sammi