Monday, March 18, 2013

ON pomodoro

Sometimes all you need are your best friends, who've both been around since you before you could write in cursive, since before you'd ever been kissed, one arrived before pre-school even did, those kind of friends, you know. And you add into the mix a massive bowl of pasta so delicious that it was dug into before a 'pretty' photo could be snapped. And wine. And the upper west side of New York City. And the freshly dyed purple hair on your head. And you talk for hours, and you remind each other of the amazing creatures that you are whom deserve the kinds of things we don't always allow ourselves to have and you make fun of each other a little bit and call each other out and share pictures of the latest boys that make your hearts pound just a little bit faster, because these are the ways we meet the other people in our lives now, through screens. And you're so freaking different it's insane but it makes sense, you'd all been practicing accepting each other before you realized you were separate humans. And you listen to their voices, the melodic way they dance around you, and you feel like you're home. And all of these adds up to a wonderful night.

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  1. That food picture is making my world go round. And, I love friends.