Monday, March 18, 2013

ON Lady meets nyc (& i guess it's okay here)


Lady is painting the town red. Just taking over Manhattan like she owns the joint. Makes me oh so proud. A woman on a mission, she is! Since we've gotten back to town, she's been to Lincoln Center, taking in art and culture, and all over Central Park. There are new rules here, mainly one big one entitled: "Lady don't eat that!". In LA, it was okay to eat some stuff on the ground, not too much but once in awhile it was okay. She could get her nose in whatever and slide her little wriggly body, snout first, ending up on her back and rolling on the sidewalk to fully engage in whatever scent she was smelling. (Dog owners you know what I'm talking about, am I right?) But here, it's a lot of "Leave it!" & a whole bunch of "No ma'am, you may not".

We've explored most of the upper west side, and today we finally caved and bought a hoodie that is perfectly Lady sized (big ups to the guy working at petco who casually slid my starbucks cup out of my hands before disaster struck in the form of me spilling it everywhere) because apparently NYC is on strike from warm weather. What gives, city? Get onboard! Warm weather is all the rage and I'd really like to stop wearing my sleeping bag aka coat. We've taken a vote, Lady and I, and we prefer it in LA. We like to run around with very-little-to-no clothing, bare feet, bright eyes. We're free spirits and we can't help it.

Lady is hysterical. She does these little run-jump-skips in excitement and leaps up and down, twirling, when she sees I've taken her leash out. She laughs, mouth wide open. And she sleeps in my bed, paws or back pressed on to me, sometimes I wake up and her head is against mine. Even now as I type this, she's slid her way into my side of the bed, nestled between my pillow and the folded over part of the blanket. And on her paws, all the dirt from all the exploring, right there where I sleep. And I don't even care. Oh Lady, you wild woman, you sure have captured my heart.

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  1. She is adorable!! You still have your other pup Henry right? :)

    xox Sammi

    1. YES! I still have my Henry Elliot Raleigh handsome man little boy love of my life. Ladybug is my foster pup. Henry is my child, I love him more than I should admit on a public forum. :) :)

  2. I can't decide if I like her striped hoodie or your heart sweater more. Both favorites.