Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ON my latest client

meet my latest 'job' : Chloe
yes, it's true. i get paid money to hang with her.
her outfits & facial expressions kill me - a pantsuit? c'mon!

a little background: in NYC, i have my own dog nannying biz.
one-on-one pup-sitting in my home or the dog's.
we walk, we play, we roll around, we braid each other's hair.. it's great.
here in LA.. mm, a little different. so for now, i'm walking miss C.
and then, slowly but surely, i shall take over the dog care industry.
and the entertainment industry.
and you'll be able to say 'we knew her when'.

watch out, los angeles, we're comin' through :)

p.s. a pleasant reminder to please always make adoption your first option
& do spay/neuter your pets. okay PSA over ;)


  1. She made me laugh, I love the last picture the most!

  2. So cute!


  3. oh she is FANCY! also, love your new header. i don't know how long it's been there but i like it.

  4. Dog nannying would be such a cool job - I love your new client. x

  5. i really like about you how you devote your time to such cute, little beings.

  6. Hello, i'm your latest follower...and i'm writing you just to let you know that you won the liebster blog award ! :) I hope you'll answer my questions!
    Have a look!