Monday, January 7, 2013

ON My First Dinner Party (or, how I learned that parties require chairs)

Right before Christmas, I hosted my very first grown-up dinner party.
Want to know how grown up I am? As I planned this get-together, it didn't dawn on me that I did not currently have neither a table, nor chairs. Nor basically any other dinner party necessities.
I also managed to burn my first attempt at the main course. Which was pasta.

Gentlemen, if you will all form an orderly line, I'll be happy to entertain all of your wife inquiries.

All of that being said, everything came together easy peezy and it was a great night with great friends.
How do you throw parties? Last minute? Take lots of time planning them? Do tell. xo


  1. Well it looks like it turned out delicious! What kinds of pasta did you make?
    I would have to say, when I have a dinner party, something ALWAYS gets burnt. Even if I've made it a zillion times.
    The best parties are (for sure and without a doubt) last minute pizza parties and card games with friends.
    lots of love,

  2. All the pictures are so colorful and lovely! Now I want vegetables. My favorite part of party planning is putting up crepe paper streamers. Seriously I've got a knack for streaming.