Friday, January 25, 2013

ON five for friday {three}

Five Facts for you from this week:

1. this picture is here to remind you that warm weather does, in fact, exist. seems like all my favorite people are in freezing cold places (twitter and facebook have been keeping me posted on your thoughts about it) and just a pleasant reminder that it's almost the end of January and then February is super short and you're almost out of the woods. Or, you know, just move to LA with me!!!

2. third week in my acting class and finally, finally felt like i was back to being over the moon for this place. a nice reminder to keep going back until your gut says otherwise.

3. actors: don't let 'em tell you what does and doesn't work. you wanna blindly email some agents/managers you don't know? go right ahead. worked for me yet again this week. this goes for everyone: don't let anyone tell you "how something is". all they can tell you is what they've heard or their experience. try it anyway.

4. grocery shopping can literally change your entire outlook on life. fact. same goes for exercising, sleeping, singing really loud while driving, showering and getting dressed up.

5. i miss Henry. i mean, you saw that one coming, right?

And Five Faves:

1. made it through my second class here without feeling like death was approaching me. do you have one in your city? have you gone?

2. i mean.. doesn't hurt to check in on this. speaking as one. also: acting school founder! holler!

3. i'm unable to watch this without bursting out with laughter. i tend to watch hulu later at night (night owls: who's with me?!) and this can be a problem when others are, you know, trying to sleep.

4. Mayor Cory Booker has my heart, politically speaking. He's a real life superhero! Did you hear about how he rescued this sweet pup?

5. You know how I talk about your inner compass a lot? Lissa calls it your inner pilot light and has a bit to say on it.

Enjoy your weekend! See you on Monday :) xo


  1. Oh goodness don't even temp me to move to LA with you. It wouldn't take but just a hint of convincing!! : )

  2. Our weather looks a lot nicer in photos too! It's very deceiving. Hope you had a good weekend!