Sunday, December 9, 2012

On Volpone

Last Friday night, one of my nearest and dearest gave me tickets to see 'Volpone'.
I knew literally nothing about this going into it except that the author was Ben Jonson
(and admittedly, I had been spelling his name JoHnson until seeing this show.. theatre kid here..)
and I wasn't really sure what "classical theatre" mixed with "comedy" mixed with a eunuch would be.
It was hysterical and kept my attention the entire time. All of the actors were unreal and the lead alone was like a mini-masterclass in clowning and physicality. The show reminded me of the importance of breath and using one's full voice (yep, seriously) and.. of rolling with the punches.
When the show had to be stopped about halfway through the second act, they all rolled with it!
The magick of live theatre! Where no one knows what will happen.
Which also explains that last picture, in case you're like "yo, you uploaded the wrong pic here".
A short time later, the problem was solved, and the show was back up and running.
And those actors.. well, they never missed a beat, and even made the interruption work for them.

Go see 'Volpone' if you're in the NYC area.
And do please look for the talented fella with the three silly red buns on his head ;)
Thanks again, SPD! xo

p.s. yeah, i linked you to sparknotes up there. keepin it classy, friends.

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