Monday, December 10, 2012

On Moo-ing

Hey best friends, you've been replaced. Moo & I are now BFF.

It felt like Christmas came early today when I got a bunch of packages.
One of them was my first ever order from Moo! I've thought about ordering from them before but never did.
With a Thanksgiving sale, I ran out of reasons not to and ordered up new business cards for Actor Kerry (that sounds like a superhero! or a barbie doll?) and Doggie Business Owner Kerry.
(Um, I'll tell you about the second one soon, promise.)

I'm completely tickled by the pup mini-cards. There's something like 16 different images!
I love the front of my personal business cards but unfortunately the back is hard to read.
I'm planning to contact Moo tomorrow and I'm sure we will figure it out easy peezy.

Have you ever ordered from Moo? Any favorite printing companies?
Kisses & Poodles, friends. xo

p.s. if you're all 'hey, uh, kerry? that's not your last name. or your other last name.'
then kudos for knowing me super well (you lucky person, you) and an explanation.. soon.
ooh so mysterious :)


  1. I love those pictures of you!! andddd can't wait to hear more about all these mysteries!!

    1. thanks lady! the mysteries shall unfold soon! haha :)

  2. For real. Moo is amazing no? I don't know any other printer out there that is doing what their doing so affordably and so prettily. I'm so excited when my friends discover these things too. They look amazing btw. Really nice cards!

    1. Thanks Patrick!! Hope you are fabulous and grand!