Thursday, December 13, 2012

ON Heels That Could Kill & MTV

 Last Saturday, I spent all day and night filming a commercial for MTV and Geico.
The set was super cool, it was styled to be a fancypants loft party. I'd like to live there please.
The shoes were insane and my feet were just about falling off by the time we hit 1 in the morning.
(Do you guys wear shoes like this in real life? Anyone? Bueller?)
And after seriously 15 (or 20) wardrobe changes, I wound up in a black and blue combo.
Because there truly is no gift as special as being in velvet shorts on national television.
I couldn't have my real camera with me so I snuck in some iphone shots just for you.

I always feel really weird in every day life. Like, always out of place and not "normal".
But, without fail, every time I step onto a set, I feel completely and totally right.
Like that's exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's kind of an awesome feeling.
I never mind the sitting around or the waiting or the makeup or the hair.. I love it all.
So obviously I need to land a tv show so I can feel this way all the time.
Ahem. Producers. Casting Directors. Do take note ;)

Keep your TV's on MTV and your eyes peeled and you may just spy me on your screen.
ProTip: look for the New Year's Eve themed commercial.


  1. Love this and LOVE the final outfit they put you in. My friend is famous!

    1. thank you!! i liked it, too. but lordy would i have loved me some tights.. :) almost famous! almost.

  2. And then...just like that....velvet shorts came back in a big way.

  3. so exciting! no mtv in germany, but thats a good thing, otherwise i'd be looking out for you all day. :D

    1. thank you! no mtv?! shocking. i haven't mtv in my apartment either or else i'd be looking once in awhile, too :)

  4. THIS IS AWESOME. I will be stalking MTV for you...haha. Also, I love love love this outfit on you. If I had feet that were a wee bit more graceful than the ones I have now, I would totally wear shoes like this everyday. But I don't. :D

    1. Thanks for stalking for me!! I have to tell you, if anyone wears shoes like this everyday, they are bananas. My feet hurt just looking at the pictures! Thanks for the compliments!!

  5. Ah this is awesome! Found it online too : :) yay Kerry!