Sunday, December 30, 2012

ON Further Proof I Am Out Of My Mind (Holiday Version)

In case you haven't caught on yet, I am one weird gal. Very enthusiastic, excited by things most people would find boring, pretty darn strange, a major nerd and mentally on a whole other planet.
This past Christmas, my sister captured some of my finer moments and I thought I'd share them with you here. So, without further adieu: Further Proof I Am Out Of My Mind. For example..
I get absurdly excited over things like quarters and stamps...
...but not nearly excited as I get over towels and sheets. There were tears, people.
The second I'm supposed to pose, I take it as to mean "strike a pose". And so many to choose from!

Sometimes my poses frighten small children. This can't be helped. When the spirit moves you, dance!

What's that? Group shot? I'll take front and center please. With a pose. AND A BOW!

I also have the ability to look 6 years old with a tilt of the head. A good party trick to have handy.

Sometimes when I need a break from regular poses, I pose with props.

Again with the towels and sheets. This is, in fact, a genuine reaction and NOT a pose. Do note the difference.

I also sometimes outfit match with seven month old babes. Check the socks, holler.

And, of course, am in love with my puppy. Who dutifully wore his Christmas jams the whole week.

I know what you're thinking: how is she possibly this cool?
I totally understand as I think the same thing all the time. With a little work, you too, can be this hip.
I also know for certain that if you weren't a dutiful blog reader yet, you sure are now.
I mean, everyone loves bloggers who post photos of themselves first thing in the morning, sans makeup, hair a fright, and in pajamas. Fashion bloggers unite, hello.

Stay tuned for a Christmas re-cap where there will be normal photos. And more of Henry's jams.
I hope your Christmas and Holiday Season has been just as wacky and weird :)
Happy Almost New Year! xo


  1. my dolly are never out of your mind! you are stupendous!