Monday, December 31, 2012

ON 2012

i got this idea to gather a few photos from 2012 to add to a different post i did.
so i started pulling.. one from this, two from that, a shot i loved, what made me smile..
and somewhere about 20 pictures in, i realized this post was not for you, but instead for me.
i didn't include every moment or every picture or every person. but all in all this sums it up.
the year of the endless weddings. the year of the endless pups. my little love, hen.
babies and more babies. finding my home, just shy of the year ending.

there are, of course, the things i would never be able to capture:
the long walk home from the studio that summer night,
standing on the curb outside my building and kissing you,
looking out over all of central park so many stories high,
picking him up, carrying him and talking to him all the way home,
sitting at the fountain and people watching for hours,
reaching the end of my jog and seeing that waterfront view,
the phone calls along ninth avenue shouting with joy over their arrival, 
meeting the pup that was pulled with one minute to spare,
closing my eyes to soak up the sounds of them all talking and laughing,
the way your face looks when you laugh/the way your face looks when you look at me,
the calming feeling of getting into my bed at the end of the day and being home.

isn't it interesting when we look back at our lives over the past year?
it's not the industry or your career or the goals achieved or the money made.
it's not how much you 'moved up in the world' or what status you have.
it's not the rules you followed or the fears you felt or the early alarm clock settings.
it's just what and who and how you Loved. simple as that.

here's to keeping that in the forefront of our minds for 2013
and a big sloppy kiss farewell to the beauty that was 2012. xo

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