Monday, November 12, 2012

On Polaroid Travels

sometimes i daydream about where else i would want to be right now.. 
 maybe in disney world .. or perhaps disneyland..
could hop a plane to san francisco .. or maybe off to LA..
or in a cozy chair, my favorite one in the whole world .. or fast asleep in one backstage..
maybe riding bikes in portland .. or at the best bookstore in denver..
 i'd fancy to be lying by the water in miami .. or indulging at Real Food Daily..
or looking at beautiful coastal views in chicago .. or by the santa monica pier..
although if we're being honest, there's few places i'd rather be .. than right next to this little boy.

the good news with playing this game is that when i'm thinking of where i'd jet off to,
i get to remember how many incredible places i've been lucky enough to see.
and instead of lusting after everywhere else, i find myself counting my blessings. giving thanks.
and then somehow, it comes to be, that the more i give thanks, the more exciting life gets,
the more adventures i'm given, and the more i remember that wonderful truth:
that we are always exactly where we are meant to be.



  1. Gotta love polaroids, huh? It's fun to daydream about all the magical places out there. It looks like you've had some great adventures!

    1. thanks for your sweet comment! i sure have had some wonderful ones (so have you!)

  2. kerry your face and your writing make my days sometimes. this post i read yesterday on the tram after a dull day that had been like the one before and the one before that. (get up, work, go home, sleep). reading your post made me think of all my adventures and how the reason for my insane working-hours is that i want to experience more adventures (meaning that i need money for travels). and then a smile appeared on my face. i have so much warmth for you, girl.

    1. thank you luka!! what kind words you always have for me :) such a wonderful gift to get to affect you, a gabillion miles away in another country (and vice versa!). stay sane, lady. xo