Monday, July 30, 2012

On a Wedding in the Country

last weekend, in a beautiful old church,
on a stunning country club, in a multi-state (ny AND ma) event
we celebrated the marriage of andrea & jake

andrea & i are sorority sisters from the same pledge class.
we lived on the same floor of the same building for the majority of college
and she taught me about classic old audrey hepburn films
and had a sophistication about her that makes me wonder how we became fast friends.

i remember the early stages of jake, the first few dates and the stories after.
at her bachelorette party, it was reveled that he knew when he would marry her:
after the very first date
that, dear darlings, is what we call true Love.

my favorite picture of the night is the one of them driving the golf cart.
it was an impromptu moment where i flipped my camera up at the last second, 
blurring everything except the two of them, who are calmly, side by side, wildly in love.
in fact, i think it looks like it could be andrea's very own audrey hepburn-esque film
where the ending is very, very happy :)


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