Friday, July 27, 2012

On Storytelling

sometimes i forget that i am not blogging for you. i am not writing this so you will think i live a magickal life where everything is perfect and i look great all the time.

i am.. messy. i am loud and i feel things more deeply than a good lot of the rest of the population.
i don't always use correct grammar or spelling and i love a good dash in between my thoughts - like this.

sometimes i want to only post the pretty pictures. the ones where i look absurdly attractive or am wearing a great outfit. in reality, i only wear the same 10 or so items, over and over again. i like the idea that i could pack up and leave at any second. i like the idea of not having to figure out what to wear. i like not being broke.

sometimes i forget that i am not trying to win the admiration of strangers nor am i attempting to hit a certain number of followers (though - to be fair - all of you reading this so often without clicking that 
'join this site' button sure do sometimes puzzle me. thirteen countries worth of readers?! who are you?! show yourselves!). i forget that it isn't about having a blog like the ones i frequent. that it isn't about having a life like the people who write those blogs.

it's just about me. and my life. and my words. and my stories.

storytelling. it always comes right back to storytelling. that's where my heart lives, whether it's entertaining thousands of total strangers or quietly passing words between the inches of space separating our mouths or writing my stories here for you to read.

storytelling is, at the root of it, who i am.
sometimes i forget that.. but these days i sure am remembering.



  1. i just wrote a post and tried to say exactly this. you did it so much better.
    make a button already. i will link you up ;)

    1. Thank you, Luka!!! I love when people leave comments about my writing posts - just makes my heart swoon. I'm working on the button!! I swear. Then we can swap :)