Friday, June 1, 2012

beautiFULL: mom's hallway

my darling lovey dog has all but completely ruined the rug in the hallway of my mom's house. i mean.. ruined. awful. he has this little habit of only getting his front paws onto his puppy pad and hasn't quite grasped the fact that he needs to get those little back paws onto the pad more than the front. in an effort to fix this problem, we just kept adding pads.. moving the 'missed spot' up further and further until half the hall has been, ahem, marked.

some day very soon, i'm going to be a billionaire (sing it with me now: 'i wanna be a billionaire so damn bad.. buy all the things i never hadddd') and will make my first purchase fixing up that hallway. a little inspiration:

my mom's hall is pretty similar to the one above, with walls on both sides 
and all the bedrooms coming off of it. i think a chair rail with half the wall painted or wallpapered 
and the other half solid would be a really basic, easy option.

okay, how gorgeous is this? the rooms placement is almost identical to my mom's hall,
as is the solid wall at the end. a blue rug like this would be perfect for her obsessive love for blue
plus it could be easily rolled up and stored whenever little pup came to visit..

now we're getting somewhere.
a beautiful (blue!) pattern painted directly onto the wood floor.

As for decor for the end of the hallway..

a little blue table (tho distressed wood is more my thing than my momma's)
or even the back wall being the only one with wallpaper could make for a nice pop of color.

this is more my mom's style, classic meets country.
i could definitely see this in our home. all that's missing is a framed picture of me ;)

so.. am i the only one who re-designs people's homes in my mind (or on my blog)?
do any of you do this..? hm.
whatcha think, mom?!

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