Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TruthFULL: Raise Your Voice

And then, there will be the weeks where you have auditions almost every day. Four out of five, with appointments to boot. You'll sign in, see names on the list that make your heart dance a little. You'll be seated next to the actor from that show, you know, that show. Another guy will cruise in through the door and when you recognize who it is, you will have to physically stand up and move around to keep from flushing red and losing all hope of concentration. You will find this hysterical as you remind yourself to read the words on the paper in your hand at least one more time.

You'll go in with the copy they've given you and will do your best in that moment. Later, you'll describe the audition to one of your best friends, making fun of how terrible you were.

It will absolutely be that very audition that will turn into a callback, your first in this part of the business. You will learn what the terms "on hold" and "first refusal" mean.

You will find yourself having the most fun you've ever had and you will be brave in a way you forgot you were able to be: spouting out suggestions nonchalantly, taking risks, staying calm as though you do this every day. Talking to yourself in your head, rapidly reminding yourself to breathe, stay focused, you've got this.

These are the kinds of days, the kinds of situations that will keep you barreling forward during the other times, days, weeks, months, chunks of time where you are starting to wonder what, exactly, you are doing with your life. These moments will knit themselves together into a blanket that wraps around you, causing the warmth in your heart to let the tiny voice become just a little louder:

"keep going, keep going".

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