Thursday, April 26, 2012

FULLlife: The Columnist

Last night I was invited to the opening night of The Columnist!

Starring John Lithgow, it was the world premiere of playwright David Auburn's latest piece. 
The Columnist tells the story of Joseph Alsop, a D.C. journalist, his life choices, and his family.

While the play is a bit long, with some political and historical references 
that were above my head, it's an interesting story, well written, with a talented cast. 

John Lithgow, in particular, is a one-man masterclass in acting.
The few comedic moments his character had were outstanding and after curtain call, while he was calling the cast back out to stage to bow again, the curtain began to close and he made a bit out of it, leaving the entire audience with laughter after such a serious piece.

Paparazzi taking pictures of the celebrities arriving.
We entered in the fancy stage door which, as we all know, is where the super famous people arrive.

The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

I always feel so cool when I get to go to openings or previews of shows.
Dress rehearsals make me particularly giddy with importance.
And I am very, very grateful for every single one of them.

Many thanks, G.

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