Saturday, March 3, 2012

I demand to be surrounded by beautiful things.

I wear a tiara on my head for inspiration and to remember my own worth.
I wear a tiara on my head because it's fun and silly and free.
I wear a tiara on my head because I want to.

I stay up until it's so late that it's nearly early (case in point: it's almost 4 am as I type this)
and when I begin to write, I often can not stop. Not for food, for human interaction, for anything.
For awhile I thought that meant I should stop writing but now I know that it means I must.

I have glorious adventures and get to go, see, be, do, experience things I never thought I would always knew I would. I take pictures of all of these things with the best intentions to upload, post, share them. But I almost never do. I want to share these here - tell you how tonight when we left the restaurant we were both shocked to find how many hours had passed. How the Upper West Side sounds at night and that the buildings in New York City sometimes feel like you're walking through a painting and how it had started to pour out of nowhere. I want to show you the pictures I snapped of the chocolate cake they brought us (maybe I'll get to that one) and what I wore and the signs on the walls.

But mostly, I just want to write.

The idea of living beautiFULLY, to me, is this need to surround myself with beautiful things, beautiful thoughts, beautiful sights and words and sounds all while living deliciously and completely fully. Stretching my arms out so they reach as far as the night sky spreads and drinking in every second. Trying that class, buying that dress, saying those words.
Wearing that tiara and knowing you are enough exactly as you are.
Letting inspiration filter in with the sunlight.
Dancing alone in your apartment
and saying no to as many things as it takes for you to learn how to say yes to what matters.

And writing, writing, writing the whole time.

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