Thursday, August 8, 2013


trouble since day one // i KNOW you like that matching sweatsuit so i won't even ask

I've just realized that I've been clicking around in circles for a good hour now. Various tabs are open on my screen, many with work to do. But me? I've been clicking. Apartments in LA to the NYC shelter kill-list to instagram accounts of friends to instagram accounts of people I don't know to blogs to facebook to whatever links are on facebook and back around again.

When we were little, and exhausted, crying tired tears for no reason other than the fact that kids do that, or whining about wanting to play one more game, or watch one more episode, or stay up just a little later, my mom would say, "there is no more to today".

My work is staring at me. My perfectionism has got a death stare going, as well. The pieces of me that want to do better, work harder, respond faster, be everything at once, are all loud and present and accounted for. Hello, old friends, I hear you. I see you. But I know one thing to be true: when I'm clicking around like this, getting nothing done, and spending precious time, while harping to myself on what I "should" be doing.. well, I know there is no more to today. I know I need to honor my needs, and go to sleep. I know I need to stop texting and put my phone away. I know I need to turn the TV off and shut the laptop. I know I need to just settle, and be, and rest. So to bed, it is.

There is no more to today, friends.

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