Monday, August 12, 2013


all found via pinterest

When I'm curating collections of images for personal inspiration, for blogging or for my work on other blogs, I am always drawn to light. Which makes sense because that's how it is in real life, too.
When I first enter a room, I'm immediately assessing how the light gets in. What are the windows like? When will the sun be there to spend time with me? I thrive off of light, and have to have it.

When I meet a new person, it's the same thing. Where's the light? How do they shine? What lights them up? (Does anybody else do this? Is it really just me?) There's something about seeking out the light within someone, while seeking out the light in the natural world, that fuels me.

Summer is slowly starting to descend, and as it does, I'm trying to soak up as much light, sun, time outdoors, water, sand, relaxing, and summer-only things that I can. And I'd surely spend any of these summer days in any of these spaces.

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  1. Gorgeous collection of images. I love the sense of space in them as well. Thanks for sharing!