Thursday, June 6, 2013


On Tuesday afternoon, we went to Barney Greengrass because that is where one goes for our little gatherings. I got a potato knish, as you do. With the world's smallest apple juice as a side dish.
That beautiful woman up there in the green sweater is a mama of (almost) one year old twins, can you believe that? I cannot. And the fiery redhead was in town filming a movie. And that handsome man fella, he's in a musical at the moment.

My friends are fan-cee. Fancy. I am blessed to be loved by the likes of them.


  1. Fun fun fun!!!! Love weekday lunch dates :)

  2. I want that bagel SO badly right now. All of the bagels. I love seeing the little glimpses into your life. I never had a chance to really find my groove in the city. Hopefully next year... :) And how could you NOT be loved by your lovely friends?!

    xox Sammi

  3. Lady you have the prettiest smile! Also, that potato knish looks really really yummy. Even though I've never had one, I am practically DROOLING. Hope you are doing well! <3