Friday, May 24, 2013

ON wanting

I want... 
to have all the answers now,
to surrender more,
to save every animal in need,
to spread compassion,
to always choose kindness (working on this),
to not be so fiery with my temper (really working on this),
to wake up earlier,
to go to bed earlier,
to paint more,
to Love first and foremost,
to say the right words,
to be easier on myself,
to be easier on you,
to sing more,
to sing more loudly,
to sing more bravely,
to take little weekend getaways,
to show my friends how worthy they are,
to write my truth,
to speak my truth,
to fall asleep next to you,
to encourage,
to dance more,
to adventure,
to be brave always,
to have my career and my relationship,
to create,
to sit under the stars with people i love,
to run easily again,
to be present,
to be.

what do you want?


  1. this was such a great post idea!!!

    love your list

    i want:
    to freeze time my babies are growing to quickly
    to be on time
    to show more kindness
    to serve more