Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ON Eyes That See Differently

My friend Rian, he takes these photos that could just about flip you upside down. Each one tells a whole story and mostly it makes you wonder how his eyes see so differently from everyone else. Do note that he is absolutely out of his mind crazy, but he sure is inspiring.

These are some of the pictures he's taken of me over the past few years. Note that they are not necessarily 'pretty' pictures, but they're desperately real. The exhaustion, the out of shape, the nervous habits. He's got some up on his blog right now of Paris that just gutted me. Find the double Eiffel Tower one.

I always tell Rian that he's absolutely crucial in my life because he is one of the very few people I can point to and say, "Him. That one there. He literally created his dreams into reality. He lives a life that people say is not possible. So I can, too." Those kinds of people are important to keep near. The dreamers and doers. So even though he makes me steam-out-the-ears-feet-stompin' mad mostly, I sure do give thanks for his friendship and lessons.

"sometimes the muse, sometimes the maker"

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  1. I love having those inspiring people in my life. It's always so thrilling to just to have a phone chat or lunch with them.