Sunday, April 28, 2013

ON Best Friends, Late Nights & Busy Days

Just as I'd imagined for last weekend, I truly thought this weekend would be low-key. I was yet again wrong. Instead of catching up on work in my pajamas all weekend, I found myself to be busier than ever, and with people I love.

On Friday night, one of my nearest and dearests and I finally saw each other after five months. We got Five Napkin Burger (because, hello, delish) and chatted and caught up. Then we went to this magical land of cookies, and sadly I was far too full to indulge, but holy moly my oh my, they looked so good.

p.s. i assure you that we are not spotted.. that is just the dirt on the mirror.. eek.

On Saturday, I spent the morning taking pictures of pups for some social media volunteer work with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. This group lives up to its name - both the humans and the dogs.

 Then my very bestest friend in the world, Kelly, came to visit me and we took on the day. We had lunch, went to Central Park, popped by an arts-and-crafts fair, wandered around, bought lemonade from a legit little kid lemonade stand (who knew they had those in new york city?!), and met up with my cousin and his beautiful wife, who also happened to be in town. Other friends got mixed in and we then somehow ended up staying out way, way past when I normally stay out until. I'm fairly certain I crashed somewhere around 2:30 in the morning.
kelly fully caught me basking in the glory of the sun..!

Today has been a day dedicated to running errands, and learning a bunch of material for an audition tomorrow. My most favorite person helped me with the scenes (true story: audition material is called 'sides' and I almost wrote that but then I realized barely any of you would know what the heck I meant) and my momma helped me with the music via our iphones. I got frustrated as heck with both of my lovely helpers but it's only because I love them so much. I'll bet you're all super jealous that you're not in my close knit circle of people I yell at because they mean the most to me. I'm an artist, what can I say.

I hope your weekend was just as wonderful and unexpected in the best ways!


  1. These pictures are so lovely (and now my stomach is grumbling)! And aw, Becca! Iiiii want a cookie IMMEDIATELY and I want to sit under that beautiful, flowering tree.

    xox Sammi

  2. Looks like a great time with even greater food! That maple bacon cookie in the showcase sounds soooo good. And all the pups are SO cute.