Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ON weird actor things

acting sounds glamorous, right? like a super exciting career?
you're right, it totally can be. but it often involves random, weird things. read on, friends..

for example: i had a pre-audition audition where i had to send photos of my face in natural light (read: stand by a window) with very little makeup on (read: mascara). you know how weird it is to take a selfie out in public? i think it's even weirder to do so in your bathroom to send to a casting team.
and of course, since you're human, you have some breakouts on your face and some redness and you're trying to figure out if everyone else will actually do natural pictures without makeup or wait, should you put some on? and what angle exactly works for this? and which window? hair up? down? and you're silently thanking the ex who always wanted pictures of you all the time, wherever in the world you were, because you sort of know how to take pictures of your own face kind of okay. and just as you are about to reconsider this whole career, you realize you have a handful of pictures and decide to just send them in. and when you get to your email, there's one waiting that asks for pictures of your hands for a hand modeling gig and the whole cycle of thoughts happens again.

there's also a whole other category of weird where you just don't even respond to the email.
if acting teaches you anything, it's how to trust your gut and respond authentically.
sometimes those responses are 'hell no, you creeper, i am so not going to that audition!'

like i said, totally glamorous job :)

p.s. can i just say how glad i am that i realized my old eye cream was doing the opposite of it's job?
praise be to my current eye cream and the knowledgeable folks at sephora for remedying this sitch.


  1. haha,,
    i know. we just want to get the best out of an actor. but i think you look cute in these pictures

  2. Dude, my dark eye circles are a SITUATION. I am going to MAC today to pick up more of my favorite red lipstick so maybe I'll ask them for some magic. Also, I like hearing these stories about the life of an actor. The creeper part reminded me about when I tried online dating and a guy messaged me and said he was a painter, told me I was stunning and asked if he could paint me. ....No.

  3. It's hard to find the right eye cream. What do you use?

  4. Eye cream = lifesaver!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog