Friday, February 8, 2013

ON Viesso for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is less than a week away. Awesome, right?
Custom, modern, eco-friendly furniture line, Viesso, has great ideas for those beyond traditional gifts.

Maybe you're into buying your loved one flowers, but want something that will last.
The Lotus Flower Chandelier, shown here in white, is the perfect gift.

Or, perhaps you think your girl or guy just about puts the stars in the sky.
The Constellation Pendant Lamp is a great find to show how star struck you are.

 Next up, the Urbio Big Happy Family, is a sweet find for those just starting out their families.
Maybe you aren't ready for kids, but plants? You can totally commit.

Last up, the Howard Grey Travel Set. Because nothing says romance like a weekend getaway.

Go click around on Viesso and see what you can find as your perfect gift. 
Then report back here and let me know! However you celebrate, and whatever you gift,
here's hoping your Valentine's Day is a day full of Love.


  1. oh my!!!
    i love that lotus lamp and that travel set!!!!

  2. these are all aweosome pieces! love those lights :)

  3. I love that flowery chandelier! Beautiful.


  4. Love the flowery chandelier! Beautiful.