Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ON a tuesday afternoon

yesterday, there was an impromptu stopping by of sorts.
the 'only ten minutes' kind that turns into three hours later.
there were errands to be done, dog sweaters to be bought.
very important things, i tell ya. very important.

but there hadn't been lunch. and a hungry kerry is a grumpy kerry.
(anybody else? hands up if you get hangry.)
and so there was a decision made & a trip to one of my favorite LA places
that i hadn't made it to yet, despite the five weeks (six?) that i've been here.

real food daily. you just get me. we're simpatico, you and i.
if you find yourself around these parts, go to RFD.
my non-vegans that have joined me there have all become fans.
one loved it so much, she started to explore the idea of vegetarianism.
that's right; it turns carnivores! it's. that. delicious.

plus, the sunshine and the company weren't half bad either :)
happy wednesday, friends. xo