Thursday, February 28, 2013

ON Booker & Bugsy

booker & bugsy are brothers.
booker is tan & white & floppy, and says hello to every person/horse that passes.
bugsy is black with white accents, and is pretty nervous at first, but that smile comes out.
they weren't always brothers but when booker's folks found bugsy, that was that.

booker & bugsy love to hike. they just love it so very much.
and last weekend, they let me & cameron come along! lucky ducks, we are.
we made friends with a pup who lives there on the ranch, and we saw horses. so many horses.
and booker scared me half to death as he ran down, down, down the sides of the hills,
but pups are adventurous, you know, when they need to run downhill, they must!
when we turned a corner, there in front of us was the hollywood sign, so close,
and out of my mouth came the words: "that's for me!" because, well, it is.

the pups stole the show but cameron is pretty neat, too. he tells really great stories.
sometimes they are in person and sometimes they are on screen but they are always neat.
cameron is one of those people who i thought i'd see once, maybe twice, in life,
but then instead he became one of my most favorite people and has fully invaded my life.
along with his entire extended family. which is exactly how i like it! he is something special, that one.

these types of adventures are exactly what saturdays are made for :)


  1. they seem to be a perfect combo

  2. What a fun adventure! Would have never thought horses in Hollywood but looks like a blast. Glad you are getting your fill of some cute puppies while you're there!

  3. I like the looks of Booker. He looks like a dog I want to hug.