Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ON these are a few of my favorite things

current favorite..
Play / Book / Tea / Show

1. if you're in or around nyc, definitely get yourself to see 'picnic'
(if you're between 18-35, you can get $20 tickets!).
2. this book is hysterical. even better when free from the library!
3. i could live off of this tea. okay, not really, but it could be my only tea.
4. for the love of potatoes, watch parenthood. the acting. the acting!

what's on your current favorites list? do share, do share. xo


  1. i actually just started watching parenthood yesterday! love it so far.

    1. yes! full support of this! it's genius :)

  2. that green tea sounds incredible! :) happy new year!!!

  3. I had that tea once at a Barnes and Noble cafe. It was insanely good. I can't believe I forgot about it! That book is on my looong reading to-do list, and I've been meaning to watch Parenthood. I must get on these things. Pronto. Discovered your lovely blog via the hop. I look forward to reading more!