Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ON happy birthday baby

i know i just did a whole post on le bear yesterday.. but today is his 4th birthday!
my little man! four years old. oh my, i could not love this guy more. 
it's totally breaking my heart into a million pieces that i'm not with him today
but.. hopefully, very soon, he will be with me at all times. (yes, i would like to be that person.)
plus, he gets to celebrate with his gram and she sure does spoil him rotten.
he's doing this adorable thing as of late where he wakes me up with this slow attack move.
sort of creeps toward me, slowly, presses his nose onto my face to see if i'm up, then a light paw tap..
and then bam! he sits on me or jumps around or uses his paws to wake me. it's the sweetest.

i always think back to how hen was when we first rescued each other.
and then i think about this little furball of love and cuddles now.
and i am astounded by what Love can do. it's strength and it's ability to heal us.

happy birthday, bear. mommy loves you so.

p.s. for those keeping track, that's two days in a row of third-person-talking to hen on the blog :)
p.p.s. you know what's coming next, right? adopt your pets! save a life, change yours.


  1. Happy Birthday Hen!!! xo

  2. I just found your blog, it's adorable! Cute puppy :)


  3. so adorable. excited for you to be with him again soon. so happy we adopted our little dog - she's only been home five days and she makes my day.

    1. thanks lady!! i'm excited to be with him again soon, too. congrats on your new pup!!!

  4. Aww!!! Such a sweet little baby. We have a Yorkie as well. We will probably post a picture of her on Friday. :)