Friday, January 11, 2013

ON being best friends

If we were best friends, we'd spend a lot of time in coffee shops and tea houses.
We'd go to flea markets and thrift shops and turn old things into new things.
We'd sometimes not see each other for a little while, so I could get in my much needed down time.
But you'd know this has nothing to do with you, and you'd graciously give me that space.
We'd go to museums and libraries and book stores and water fronts and parks.
We would, without a doubt, go to the beach. As much as possible. Plus a little more.
If we were best friends, we'd take a long roadtrip. Maybe travel together to Europe. See things.
If we were best friends, we'd know each other's secrets. Know the stories of the things we did at 16.
And 14. And 22. And 18. And all the ones in between. We'd laugh about them, eyes rolling, mouths wide open.
If you were my best friend, you'd know that my Henry pup is my whole heart.
You'd know I'm an actress and have been ever since I was little. You'd know I love being in recording studios, whether it's for voiceover or for singing songs, penned from my hand or someone else's.
You'd know that I'm vegan and that I forget to eat more often than I should.
If you were my best friend, you'd know I'm a firm believer in equal rights - for humans and animals.
You'd know I'm on a mission to save every shelter dog, and to educate everyone along the way.
If you were my best friend, you'd still love me even when I carry  kerry on about this.
You'd know that I am passionate by nature, and fiercely determined. That I'm loud sometimes, quiet others.
You'd know I feel things deeply, write this little blog, meditate twice a day.
You'd know I have a serious love for interior design and need my surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing.
You'd know I had a princess pink colored room - at age 17. Then light green, yellow, now pink again.
You'd know I wear a tiara on my head for inspiration, to remind me how precious I am. You'd have one, too.
If I was your best friend, I would love you with every fiber of my being.
I'd call you out on your bullshit and listen silently when you need to talk.
I'd probably let you down from time to time, agree to go to something and then cancel last minute.
I'd ask you what's inspiring you lately, what makes your heart beat faster, what your dreams are.
I'd encourage you so much that you might think I'm life-coaching you (but you'd know I completed my life coach training so this wouldn't be too confusing for you). I'd believe in you so much.
If I was your best friend, you'd have to talk me into going out to bars or parties, but I'd be glad you did.
I'd tell you that you deserve so much more, when you were crying on the phone, heartbroken.
I'd mean it, too. But I'd love you still, even when you went back for another dose of hurt.
I would know that it's up to you to learn in your own time, the way I do, in mine.
If I was your best friend, I would make you homemade valentines day cards. Send holiday photos of Hen.

If we were best friends we would take on this world together, side by side, hand in hand.
Knowing there's nothing like a good friend, a best friend, to make your world a little brighter.


  1. This made me think of my own best friend(s). Lovely.

  2. what a lucky girl your best friend would be.