Monday, December 17, 2012

ON It's Done, It's Done! (or, My New Room)

In case you didn't hear.. I moved! Here's a little peek into my finished room.
I've still got one or two tasks - a little DIY, a little painting - but for now, it's done!

When I moved into this new space I downgraded from having four pieces of furniture.. to having one.
It didn't exactly dawn on me that I wouldn't know what to do with all my stuff,
I only knew that I didn't need so many things and that I wanted a proper bedroom.
(As opposed to those everything-in-one-room spaces we young New Yorkers tend to have.)

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. There's an equal balance of vintage and kitschy (from upcycled tv trays turned nightstands, the beloved globe) with a touch of country (wooden hutch, lamp)
and the ever important whimsy (tiara, bright orange elephant, polka dotted hamper, instagrams).

My favorite thing in the room is the wooden hutch. It first belonged to my grandparents, then my parents, now me! I love the uniqueness of it, the varied shades of wood and it's many possibilities.
When I walk into this space, it feels like me. Home Sweet Home.

Next up? How the dirtiest kitchen in the world turned into a sunny, bright room.


  1. I HAVE THE SAME. TIARA. We are the same person.

    1. this made me burst out laughing. like actually laughing out loud. of course we do!