Friday, December 7, 2012

ON Christmas Everywhere

after the whirlwind of last week, i have just now processed that it's 18 days till christmas.
i know what you're thinking and yes, i am a genius. but, um, 18 days?! gah.
that being said, i've decided to actually open my eyes and take in the holiday goodness around me.
new york city sure does know how to decorate and within minutes, i had all of these pictures.
i'm scooting around town more today and can't wait to spy more lights & trees & wreaths.
i think my favorite tree is the one in the window at lincoln center (see first pic).
it makes me think of a tree inside the window of a home.. only it's a massive window & big tree.
but if lincoln center is where art lives, then this is art's christmas tree. so i sure do like it best.

how are you enjoying the holiday season so far?
have you done anything special or taken in pretty sights & sounds around you?


  1. today after work i'm driving promptly to the nearest tree lot to strap a pine to the top of my car (just a little guy, so as not to overwhelm my apartment). then i will try (again) to convince my roommates that at least a little glitter or tinsel is what the tree needs...i made it a burlap tree skirt and i think mixing rugged and glam equals the perfect kind of christmas decor....not too much of one thing. (besides, it reflects outfits i've been digging lately....combat boots with sequins? of course!)

    1. let me be one of the many to say that your tree (doug funnie, is it?) turned out ever so lovely :) :)