Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On One of Those Outfits

jacket: j.crew // dress: BB Dakota // shoes: converse // necklace: satya

When we got to the place we were staying, it finally dawned on me what I had forgotten: shoes.
I had flip flops that I'd driven the five hours north in, and I had open-toed sandal wedges for the next day. But it seemed that I sort of forgot to think of what shoes I'd wear that night.
So I threw on my converse kicks, and all of a sudden, I felt completely like myself.
Even more, it seemed to be the perfect outfit for a night by a campfire, pairing perfectly with s'mores.

She snapped a quick photo of me.. right before my camera died.
Turns out I had forgotten my camera battery, too :)


  1. LOVE. I love those moments when I've been dressing like a grownup too long and then I throw on some chucks and I'm like...hello, me.

    1. yes! totally. i have a solemn vow with myself to never own pants that I can refer to as 'slacks'. the word makes me cringe/giggle. unless it's for a role, in which case i shall wear them with pride ;)