Friday, August 31, 2012

On A (soapy) First

Recently, my little boy had his very first at-home bath.
Given by yours truly. This was kind of a big deal for us.
Don't get me wrong: Hen has had baths. Many, many baths.
But they were all given by kind groomers with patience & experience.

But then.. I started watching Noah Dog during the days
and part of this means giving him weekly baths and I found out: not so hard, not so scary.
So I bought some oatmeal shampoo & told HenryBear it was bath time.
He did not like this so much but he did it anyway and I was so, so proud of him.
Sure, he shook like a leaf but I held him (read: he clung to my arm like the world was ending)
and sang to him and went as fast as I could.
When he was finally let free from the bathroom,
it was all tail wags and running in circles, barking, with a big grin.
He was totally fine! (smelled pretty good, too).

I love seeing this little furry man trust and grow and know he is safe.
I love seeing normal dog behavior and few signs of the scared guy he was when we first met.
I love every milestone we have and can't wait for the next.
Don't give up on the pets in your life (or the people, or, hell, yourself).


  1. FREAKIN'OUT cause we are the same person....I love. Dogs. Henry is the cutest little pup & I love that you're a pet person! Sometimes I wonder how people can live without an animal to come home to every day, you know?

    I love your blog. I love that we have the same name. I am officially your newest stalker! :D

    1. Girl, I'm right there with you on the freaking out, totally did that when I found yours. We've even got the veg thing goin, too! In full agreement about the furry babies - just makes life that much sweeter :) xo